Working on English version of Nomad Diary

Posted on by Juan Carlos Castresana
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Since 1st of June 2012 Nomad Diary is also available in English. We think that all the information we have available in our blog will be interesting for you, so you can join the community and discover new places to travel to.

It is important to share this know how we have after all our trips, so it is useful to you. We will have all the articles in English soon, and all the new ones will also be here for you to read.

Just as a reminder, we have our Facebook page in English and our Twitter account sharing articles, photos and videos about different places to travel that you might be interested in.

Thank you for your support. As always, we’re so happy all of this we’re doing, is useful to you. More news soon, take care! =)

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One Response to Working on English version of Nomad Diary

  1. Jack dice:

    Cool, looking forward to it so much
    Great job!!!!!!!

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