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Posted on by Juan Carlos Castresana
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For the last months this weblog has been in stand-by mode. Sorry for the inconvenience on any of you, but I needed to disconnect. After FITUR in January, I started to organize this years’ trips and activities, and I realized I needed a break and relaxation, time to reorganize thoughts and to get back stronger.

Traveling opens your mind as nothing else. Discover other cultures makes you see that there are other points of view apart from yours. But traveling, sometimes we forget about where we live for the illusion of discovering other fascinating places. This feeling is what converts us in wanderers, in nomads. That’s the reason of this blog’s name: nomad diary.

This week I expect to get back to normal, publishing articles about my trips and the preparation of the next ones.

Apart from this, sorry for the inconvenience as we are implementing English as the second language of this blog, so the system may have some errors of code or design. Thank you for understanding.

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